Are smartwatches worth buying for fitness?

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Having a smartwatch can be beneficial in many ways. Fitness tracking is just one of the many benefits of a smartwatch or fitness tracker.

In order to achieve your fitness goals, you should burn calories as prescribed by your doctor or trainer. If you do not burn calories correctly, you may not hit your target on time. You should also remember that doing exercises for long periods of time may not be beneficial if do not hit that magic number(the target). It all depends on the intensity of your workout. In other words, when you do higher intensity workouts, your heart rate will increase and burn more calories.

So, it is essential to track the number of calories you burned during each workout along with your different activities such as walking, running, swimming, etc.

A smartwatch helps you with this. It tracks your various body metrics such as heart rate, blood oxygen, calorie burned, etc. This helps you understand how well you are doing each day.

Activity Goals: In addition to that, a smart wearable will also help you set activity goals. This motivates you to achieve your fitness goals.

Helps you prevent injury associated with over workout: When you start the training, you should begin gradually. Many people over-exercise from the first day itself. This can cause injuries. If you have a smartwatch, it displays your heart rate in real-time. If the heart rate goes higher, then you can adjust your workout accordingly. Advanced smartwatches like Garmin comes with a body battery tracking feature, and it alerts you if you over-perform.

Fall Detection: Fall detection is another excellent feature of advanced smartwatches like Apple, Samsung, etc.; it automatically calls the Emergency department with your current location if you do not respond after a deadly fall. Around the world, such lifesaving stories have been reported multiple times.

Single fitness scoring system: Smartwatches like Fitbit gives you a single fitness score based on your activity, age, sex and health data. This gives you an overall idea about your fitness level with a single score rather than checking multiple health and fitness metrics.

Calorie Tracking: Not all smartwatches can track the diet or calorie intake. If your smartwatch does not have this feature, you can download any calorie tracking app such as MyFitnessPal. For a beginner, the free version is enough.

Timer, stop the clock, etc. Are some of the other critical useful features that help you achieve your fitness goals.


If you are just starting, you do not need to buy a costly fitness tracker or smartwatch. You can use free fitness tracking app such as Google Fit, to begin with. It is an excellent app to track your day-to-day activities right from your smartphone for free.

Later you can upgrade to a fitness tracker or smartwatch based on your needs and requirements. There are many smartwatches, and activity trackers available in the market that suits every pocket.

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